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Linewinder more_vert

Specially designed reel for the positioning of the buoy rope and avoiding interference.Large rope capacity..

4.50€ VAT incl.
Muzzle bungie Dyneema / Dyneema
Muzzle bungie Dyneema / Dyneema more_vert
Muzzle bungie Dyneema / Dyneemaclose

Muzzle bungie Dyneema / DyneemaLoops by Dyneema line 2,0mm/500lbWaxed lineRubber tube 11,5cm longMax prolongation 40cm..

5.00€ VAT incl.
Muzzle bungie Dyneema / Swivel
Muzzle bungie Dyneema / Swivel more_vert
Muzzle bungie Dyneema / Swivelclose

Muzzle bungie Dyneema / SwivelInox swivelLoop by Dyneema 2,0mm/500lb lineWaxed line Rubber tume 11,5cm long Max prolongation 40cm..

7.20€ VAT incl.
Muzzle Bungie Rubber
Muzzle Bungie Rubber more_vert
Muzzle Bungie Rubberclose

Muzzle Bungie RubberMade of high quality solid rubberLength: 12,5cmThickness: 6mmMax prolongation: 30cmIdeal for all spearguns..

1.90€ VAT incl.
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